Coronavirus aside, Iran has been on pins and needles since the general’s assassination in January 2020

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Photo by hosein charbaghi on Unsplash

At this time last year, we were on a road trip to the south of Iran. We had just driven away from the ancient city of kings, Persepolis, stayed a few nights in Shiraz, city of poets, and were on our way to the port of Bandar Abbas. January 2nd was the last day I have fully enjoyed in Iran, as the next morning, everything drastically changed.

During breakfast, I wondered why my husband was so quiet and looking at his phone so often. Later, I asked him what happened, and we put on a show for our kid while…

Despite being hard hit by Covid-19, human kindness prevails

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Photo: Laurie Noble/Getty Images

I came to Iran in April of last year. By now, my husband and I thought we’d be back home in the United States. But with Covid-19 ravaging the country and the rest of the world, our tickets have been canceled. At first, I felt very insecure about being here, even as it is becoming clear that nowhere is safe from the spread of the coronavirus. We’re in a large city that is purely dependent on agriculture from other areas — questions of supply chain shortages and failures concerned me, as well as the potential for civil unrest. …

Jennifer Green

An American woman living in Iran since 2018. Sharing stories of my life in Iran through the project “From Illinois to Iran”.

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